Victorian Child Protection Requirements

This information is subject to change at any time. Refer to the Department of Justice
website: and follow the Working with Children Check link under Business  Units or contact 1300 652 879. This information was updated 1 April 2006.
Under the Working with Children Bill (2005) the Victorian Working with Children Check (Check) will  require individuals who work or volunteer with children in certain capacities in identified occupations and  activities to undergo screening for criminal offences.
A person who has no relevant criminal or professional disciplinary history will be granted an assessment  notice. That notice will entitle the person to undertake child-related work. A person deemed unsuitable to  work or volunteer with children will be given a negative notice and cannot work in child-related work. A  negative notice can be appealed to Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) provided the  individual is not listed on the Sex Offenders Register or subject to an extended supervision order.
Who needs to apply for a Check?
Any person who works in, or in connection with, in a paid or voluntary capacity, any of the 20 child related  occupational fields listed in the Act. This work must also usually involve (or be likely to involve)  regular, direct contact with a child where that contact is not directly supervised. The following child related  categories are relevant to our sport.
educational institutions for children (such as schools and some TAFE programs); clubs, associations or movements that provide services or conduct activities foror directed at