Life Members

Life Members at Parade/St Damians JFC there are two types of life members. We have life members who have made extraordinary contributions in their roles as coaches or administrators, then we also have playing life members who consist of those who have played 100 or more club games. As well as being honoured on this web page, life members are also honoured on two boards which hang proudly in our club rooms. As of 2007, the St Damians Junior Football Club has over 200 playing and 55 administrative life Members. These people have made massive contributions to the club and can largely be credited for building the St Damians JFC into what it is today. Our administrative life members range from Wally Tyrrell (Snr) who was awarded life membership in 1985 to our most recent life members Gina Marrone, Ange D’Amore, Nic Caruso. The majority of these members can still be seen around the club today. Perhaps the most visible of these is our Canteen Manager, Marlene Tyrrell. Marlene was awarded life membership in 1990 and has managed our canteen year in and year out for over 20 years. Although she no longer has sons or grandsons playing at the club, she still turns up every Sunday to help the new generation of players at Parade/St Damians. Overall our life members are truly special people who are an important part of our club and who will always be welcome.

2023 Karl Prosenik Julie Waugh Ian Fairley
2018 Katissa Plavcak
2017 Gerard Love
2015 John Marrone Linda Tsatsimas
2014 Gina Marrone Ange D'Amore Nic Caruso
2013 Michael Aldridge Catherine Pannam Ross Pannam
2012 Pat Perri
2010 Simon Smith Marina Perri
2008 Vince De Vincentis
2007 Bill Dyer
2006 Brian Johnston
2005 Gary Tyler Barry Cooper
2004 Des Price Glen Carlyon
2003 Mike Jolley Terry Holden Maurice Whyley
2002 David Williams
2001 Glenn Frazer
2000 John McIntyre
1999 Phil Smyth
1997 Geoff Ruddell Gerard O'Meara Stuart Ellis
1996 Joe Benicasa Brian Fellowes Steve Simpson Des Swift
1994 Ted Frazer Jim Farrell
1993 Peter Flack Ron Tupper
1992 Peter Hickey Ken Baker Terry Livy
1991 Keith Saw Frank Pinney David Campbell
1990 Marlene Tyrrell
1989 Bernie Donoghue Wally Tyrrell Kevin O'Keefe
1988 Kaye Donoghue Dave Williams Laurie Hill Bill Helliar Bruce Robertson
1987 Robin Mills Graham Barnard Bob Digney
1986 Vic Zappa Aileen Zappa Greg O'Toole
1985 Wally Tyrrell (Snr)