Club Policies


The Parade St Damians Junior Football Club is proud of its history and it’s contribution to the development of Australian Rules Football. The past 40+ years have witnessed significant achievements and created lifelong memories for thousands of people.  To ensure that the Parade St Damians JFC continues to be part of the football landscape we need to be smarter about the way in which we preserve the traditions and values of the game and the club.

One of the most critical components of our club and game is the passion that people show for the Parade St Damians team which they support. Whilst this passion is usually harnessed and used to support our game, it can sometimes boil over to create negative situations. The aim of these policies is to ensure that we all work together in an attempt to eliminate this negative passion.

Code of conduct is an integral component of sporting activities and the following codes compliment the good work of Parade St Damians, Football Victoria  and the YJFL over several years. The Parade St Damians JFC will adopt these specific codes and will be vigilant in enforcing the codes whether via support for those who constantly abide by the codes and/or harsh penalties for those who fail to act in accordance with the codes.

In cases where players, spectators or officials fail to abide by the code they may be subject to internal action by the Parade St Damians JFC Committee and/or if the matter is of a serious nature action by the YJFL or other bodies as deemed necessary.

As part of our commitment to these codes we will be expecting all players, coaches, parents and officials to sign and abide by them.


The Parade St Damians Junior Football Club fully supports the codes of conduct as introduced by the AFL, Football Victoria and the YJFL. In order to play football at Parade St Damians you will need to strictly abide by the following codes.


  • Play by the rules – the rules of your club and laws of the game.
  • Never argue with an umpire or other officials, without these people, you can’t play football.
  • Control your temper – verbal abuse of officials and sledging other players doesn’t help you enjoy or win any games.
  • Be a team player – It’s a great game, treat it that way.
  • Treat all players as you would like to be treated – fairly.
  • Cooperate with your coaches, the umpires and teammates.
  • Play for your own enjoyment and to improve your skills.
  • Don’t use ugly remarks based on race, religion, gender or ability – you’ll let down your coach, teammates and family if you do – and many such comments are actually now illegal.


Perhaps the most important people when it comes to abiding by codes of conduct are the parents and supporters. They are the ones who set the example that the children will follow therefore the Parade St Damians JFC expect that parents and supporters will model good behaviour and abide by their code of conduct. 

  • Remember that you are there for the participants to enjoy the game.
  • Encourage participation but do not force them.
  • Teach that enjoyment is more than winning.
  • Never ridicule mistakes or losses – supporters are there to support not downgrade.
  • Lead by example and respect all players, coaches, umpires, and spectators – physical or verbal abuse will not be tolerated.
  • Recognise all volunteers who are giving up their valuable time.
  • Never publicly criticise umpires – raise personal concerns with club officials in private.
  • Don’t use ugly remarks based on race, religion, gender or ability – you’ll let your family down and yourself if you do – and many such comments are actually illegal now.
  • Parents must not direct any complaints directly to the Coach (particularly directly after a game). The complaint must be brought to the attention of the Team Manager in the first instance. If the issue cannot be resolved by the Team Manager, and the Coach, then it will be directed to the Football Manager to address. If the complaint cannot be resolved by the Football Manager it will be brought to the attention of the Committee to address. 

By registering your child with the Parade St Damians JFC you agree to abide by these principles. You agree to  support the Club in its undertakings and encourage the Club to take any necessary disciplinary actions including the suspension and banning where warranted of any players, parents or spectators for repeated or serious breaches of these Codes of Conduct.


Coaches are required to sign the AFL Code of Conduct as part of the Level 1 Accreditation requirement. All coaches must be accredited to coach in the Yarra Junior Football League. Coaches should be aware that in addition to signing the code when they complete their Level 1 AFL coaches accreditation they will also be required to sign a further Code of Conduct/Ethics with the Parade St Damians JFC. They follow these basic principles.

  1. I will respect the rights, dignity and worth of all individuals within the context of my involvement in Australian Football, including refraining from any discriminatory practices on the basis of race, religion, ethnic background, or special ability/disability.
  2. I will abide by and teach the AFL Laws of the Game and the Rules of the Parade St Damians JFC.
  3.  I will be reasonable in the demands I make on the time commitments of the players in my care, having due consideration for their health and well being.
  4.  I will refrain from any form of personal abuse or unnecessary physical contact with the players in my care.
  5.  I will have due consideration for varying maturity and ability levels of my players when designing practice schedules, practice activities and involvement in competition.
  6. I will avoid overplaying the talented players aiming to maximize participation and enjoyment for all players regardless of ability. To this end I will abide by the Parade St Damians JFC playing policy.
  7. I will stress and monitor safety always.
  8. In recognizing the significance of injury and sickness. I will seek and follow the physician’s advice concerning the return of injured or ill players to training.
  9. I will endeavour to keep informed regarding sound principles of coaching and skill development and of factors relating to the welfare of my players.
  10. I will at all times display and teach appropriate sporting behavior, ensuring that players understand and practice fair play.
  11. I will display and foster respect for umpires, opponents, coaches, administrators, other officials, parents and spectators.
  12. I will ensure that players are involved in a positive environment where skill learning and development are priorities and are not overshadowed by a desire to win.
  13. I reject the use of performance enhancing substances in sport and will abide by the guidelines set forth in the AFL DRUG POLICY.
  14. I will attend and encourage players to attend all official club social functions, including Garvey Nights, Nights back at the rooms and any other functions as deemed necessary by the Club.
  15. I will Endeavour to rotate players positions during games to ensure that players are constantly involved.
  16. I will be responsible for all players until they are picked up by their parents after training.
  17. I will be responsible for any property that is issued to me by the club. I will return all club property including, playing kits, first aid kits and keys at the end of the season. 
  18. In line with the Victorian Department of Justice Legislation I will submit to a Police Check to ensure the safety of the children who will be under my control.


PSDJFC have invested in VEO cameras to film games. The VEO camera records the whole
ground and records sound. It is primarily a tool for coaches to be able to
review and assist their teams.

It may act as a deterrent to any negative behaviour from both our teams and
opposition teams.

It may assist in accurately covering incidents that have occurred so that the
facts of any incident are captured.

PSDJFC owns the footage it takes with its camera. PSDJFC incurred a significant
expense to purchase this resource and incurs an ongoing expense to store the

PSDJFC own this footage and will determine, on the merits of any request, whether we
release this to a third party or club.

If the PSDJFC executive committee agree to provide the footage to a third party
then a charge to the third party may be incurred at an expense determined by
the executive committee.

The footage must not be shared by any member of the PSDJFC to another club or any
other organisation without the express consent of the PSDJFC executive
committee which must be in writing.


  • On training days when the Ambient Temperature is 30 Degrees Celsius or above ( as per The Bureau of Meteorology BOM) at 3.30pm, Coach’s will be required to modify training so that no High Intensity drills (including running and physical contact) will be carried out. Suitable substitute drills should be implemented and could include, basic skill drills such as handball and kicking.
  • Drink breaks will be held at 15 minute intervals, with coach’s ensuring that an adequate supply of drinking water is available.
  • Broad Spectrum Water Resistant SPF 30Plus sunscreen must be made available for use by all participants.
  • Suitable headwear should be worn by all participants.
  • Spray bottles containing water should be made available so as to allow participants to douse themselves, thereby assisting in the cooling process.
  • On Training days were the Ambient Temperature is 36 Degrees Celsius or above at 3.30pm (as per the Bureau of Meteorology BOM) All training sessions will be cancelled.
  • Under No Circumstances will training sessions be held or continue during any Thunderstorm Activity.


Age Group Training Policy

Where two or more sides exist in one age-group for the same gender or mixed gender, all players are to do training and warm-ups together for the first 20 minutes of training during the season. This is recommended for all levels, however, applies as a requirement for all years up to Under 12’s to bring greater collaboration between players and teams.

Competitive Balance & Grading Policy

Club Policy & Guidelines

This document outlines the Competitive Balance & Grading Policy for the Parade St Damian’s Junior Football Club (PSDJFC)

Competitive Balance & Grading Policy

Under 8 to Under 12 age groups inclusive, the PSDJFC encourages all players to play with friends and schoolmates, subject to ensuring adequate numbers on all team lists. The PSDJFC will adopt a “Competitive Balance Policy” for these age groups.

Under 13 to Under 17 (Colts) age groups inclusive, the PSDJFC reserves the right to grade teams and players to the best of its ability to provide an environment in which players can be both competitive and continue to develop their football skills. The PSDJFC will adopt a “Grading Policy” for these age groups.

Under 8 to Under 12 Age Groups

In these age groups the PSDJFC will adopt a “Competitive Balance Policy” where the emphasis will be placed on participation with friends and enjoyment. Additional goals are the acquisition of football skills and playing in a team environment.

Where there are two or more sides in the same age group the sides will be spread across the divisions of the YJFL. The clubs Football Department will assist the Coaches in selecting the appropriate division. The aim is to have all sides competitive in the Division in which they play.

Under 13 to Under 17 (Colts) Age Groups

The PSDJFC will provide all players from Under 13 to Under 17 (Colts) the opportunity to develop their football skills and play at the highest level within the YJFL. The PSDJFC will do this by grading players and teams to ensure they play at the most appropriate level.

A greater emphasis is placed upon individual and team performances.

Where there is a single side in any age group selection of the side is the responsibility of the appointed Coach, Age Group Manager and the Football Department. The club’s Football Department will assist in placing the team in the most appropriate division within the YJFL.

Where two sides are formed in the same age group there should be even numbers selected for these teams. Team selection will be based on the PSDJFC Grading Policy.

Whilst one team may have a more advanced list of players the Club will endeavour to ensure that both teams will be as competitive as possible in their respective divisions.

Information Session

Information sessions for players and parents will be conducted at the start of each season to clarify both the PSDJFC Grading Policy and Grading Process. This is important for the Under 13 teams as it will be their first year of grading.

Selection Panel

A selection panel will be formed for each year level from Under 13 to Under 17 (Colts) where there is more than one team in the same age group. The panel will consist of team Coaches, Age Group Managers, the Football Department plus one or two experienced / qualified persons that are independent from the team. A person can be on more than one Selection panel.

Training Sessions

Training sessions will be made available for players who wish to be considered for selection to higher level teams. The selection panel will observe and assess areas such as football skills, attitude, work ethic, attendance to training sessions along with the player’s performances during the previous season and seasons. Other criteria may be used as required.

Match Practice

Match practice will be used to assess and observe the players football skills, ability to read the play, work ethic, ability to follow instructions and playing within a team.

Players will be played in a variety of positions to determine the best options for both player and team. Other criteria may be used as required.

Initial Team Selection

The initial Team selection will be made after consideration to the player’s performance at the training sessions and practice matches. The selection panel may also use other information that will assist selection like previous years performances.

Communication to Players

Players will be formally advised in writing or via a meeting which team they have been selected in.

If a player is unhappy with the selection process, they can raise the issue in writing to the club’s Football Department.

Movement of Players

Subject to YJFL Policy, players may be rotated between sides during the season, if it is agreed by the coaches. Where a dispute arises, or a parent raises an issue, the Football Department will mediate.

Final Team Selection

The Club appreciates that there may be extenuating circumstances, and that some players may wish to be in a particular side. Such requests should be made in writing to the appropriate selection panel or to the club’s Football Department. The final team list will be provided to the executive committee for final approval and endorsement.