The treasurerʼs role within the Parade/St Damians JFC is an exciting and challenging one that involves a significant contribution to the overall running of the club. The job requires honesty, integrity and a passion for success.


To ensure that a financial management system and reporting system is put in place and operable so the Club committee has
an accurate, true and correct understanding of the financial status of the Club at all times.
To provide support to the Executive and Committee members to ensure the efficient operation of the Club.

Duties include
 Issuing receipts and promptly depositing all monies received
 Making all payments and keeping accurate, up to date records of income and expenditure
 Ensuring that adequate accounts and records exist regarding the club’s financial transactions
 Being the electronic and physical signatory on club transfers, with at least one of the Secretary, President and Vice
 Preparing regular bank account reconciliations for all accounts
 Being responsible for the club’s petty cash
 Ensuring safe custody of money.
 Ensuring the club has effective financial control systems so that money cannot be misappropriated.
 Invoicing members for items/services provided, e.g. equipment, merchandise, registrations
 Being fully informed about the financial position of the club at all times
 Preparing budgets for the forthcoming year describing potential sources of income and expenditure
 Presenting regular breakdowns of income and expenditure to the management committee
 Preparing and presenting financial statements to committee meetings and for the annual report
 Investing surplus funds
Managing club investment programs
 Preparing annual financial accounts for auditing, and providing the auditor with information as required
 Ensuring annual returns and statement of accounts are filed with the Commission for Corporate Affairs
 Ensuring GST compliance as required
 Ensuring invoices are valid tax invoices and that suppliers issue valid invoices
 Ensuring compliance with all regulatory authorities as required
The Treasurer is accountable to the President and the General Committee.
The Treasurer shall seek ratification from the General Committee of a Club budget, including debt reduction and there after
shall have the authority to act within the limits of the budget and strategy approve.
The Treasurer shall provide a monthly report to the General Committee of all financial transactions.