Medical Trainer


• To provide medical treatment and advice to the Coach and players for the team allocated to his/her care.


• Maintain a current First Aid and Sports Injury certificate.
• Develop/revise code of conduct regarding injury treatment for coaching staff and players.
• Provide recommendations to the Club Executive on the recruitment of appropriate football support staff.
• Ensure adequate supplies of strapping tape and medical supplies are available in accordance with Club policy.
• Instruct the players placed under their care, in the treatment of any injury.
• Be in attendance on team training nights as arranged by the Committee member responsible for Trainers.
• Wear appropriate attire as required by the Club.
• Be in attendance in the change rooms prior to the game at a time agreed upon with the team coach.
• Provide game day medical support to all players.
• Provide post game treatment of any injuries to players.
• Provide regular reports to the relevant coaches on the state of any injury to any player.


• Reports to the Coach Committee member responsible for Trainers.
• Liaises with the Secretary & Coaches


• Accountable to the Vice President and Club Executive.